Monthly Archives: December 2012


There’s a new magazine coming out of Australia from blogger Christina Dietze and her collaborator Nick Thomm. SRC783 which was the name of Dietze blog has been transformed into a tangible source of inspiration. As stated on their website, “The magazine …

Oribe Stylists in Training Challenge

Our Stylists in Training recreated a few of Oribe’s favorite magazine covers in the “Behind the Hair ” Challenge. They were responsible for everything from start to finish: models,make-up, hair and photography and it all had to be completed in

Education – Razor 101

For our last official class of 2012, we were extremely fortunate and excited to have Nicholas and Alejandro from Bumble&Bumble teach Razor 101 to our stylists in training. This was the largest class we have accommodated to date with 16

Delinquents and Degenerates

We’re totally feeling the vibes of this shoot from T magazine. We love the dark school girl look, and the  original silhouettes used for a dated subject. It reminds us of a more grungey version of the virgin suicides and …

Men's Week – Panos Yiapanis

We’ve reached our final day of men’s week and we’re finishing off with stylist Panos Yiapanis. Probably one of the least credited designers in the industry but definitely a pioneer taste maker for a number of years. Yiapanis who is …