Part of the renowned Luxelab group of salons, Artlab is a perfectly delicate mixture of: 1 part amazing  salon, 1 part hair academy, 1 part art gallery, throw in a healthy dose of fashion-forward thinking, and topped off with a roster of some of Los Angeles’ most talented stylists. Then we mixed all up and put it in the heart of historic Downtown Santa Monica, making Artlab the recipe for a unique new vision in hair salons.

Artlab is the beautiful brainchild of owners David AbramsJason Lara and Orlando Ortega. With more than 60 years of collective experience in the hair industry, this dynamic team has virtually done it all by owning 6 salons between them, shaping hair on movie sets, on top photoshoots and behind-the-scenes at countless events and TV shows… not to mention turning out some of the top names and best hairdressers in Hollywood and being a part of the exclusive hair team of LA Fashion Week. All this while remaining true to their craft and the artists that make it special.

But the real stars at Artlab are the stylists. They consistently produce eye-popping designs that promise to over deliver on our highest expectations, all while fanatically re-imagining, refining and ever-improving the client service experience.