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Queen Elizabeth Icon Project: Photoshoot #1

Queen Elizabeth re-imagined by Luxelab’s Style Council for submission to the Oribe website, shows Jen Beckerman’s seemingly limitless ability to coif… Ozzy Morales’ make-up and Craig Wcislo’s handmade wardrobe put the finishing touches on Samantha’s stunning, but stern queen for

The Accidental Road to Hollywood

Who hasn’t Paul Harris photographed? September 18th’s “The Accidental Road to Hollywood” chronicles 40 years of his adventures in photojournalistic fabulousness including such seminal personalities as Hunter Thompson, Boy George, Robert Smith, and the master… Vidal Sassoon. Another unique Luxelab

Bumble & Bumble Beauty

Check out the latest Dec. 2011 HARPERS BAZAAR UK Editorial by B&B Editorial Stylist Neil Moodie, using Bumble&Bumble Products….Come get yours at LuxeLab@Ravissant!