AFTERMATH: Melody Russ Blows Us Away

Sunday night,  Luxelab family and friends huddled closely together in a jam-packed “bomb-shelter” awaiting the highly anticipated “AFTERMATH”. 

This spectacular show was produced by our newest graduate from Luxelab Academy’s “Stylist in Training” program, Melody Russ, as the culmination of all the education hard work from the past 2 years. And let the record reflect that she literally blew us away!

The production represented over a full year of planning everything from the music and conceptualizing the costumes to make-up, set and of course, let’s not forget the hair. Her attention to detail on every level was so evident and there was a buzz of excitement before, during and long after the show ended.

Thanks were gushed to everyone who has supported and inspired Melody on her journey. And very special thank you’s went to her husband Bob who worked tirelessly to transform Luxelab into a bomb shelter set worthy of a Disney movie, and to our very own Mentor Stylist Craig Wcislo, who created the spectacular costuming and gas-mask accessories.

Congratulations to Melody. The Aftermath of all your hard work can only be success!